branding consultant

Afra Studio

  • Afra Studio, the design department of Afra Media, consultant and implementer of the best photography and cinematography projects, interface design and optimal user experience, and website design are at your side to help you with the best and most modern methods for branding

UI-UX Design

UI/UX Design Specialization brings a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design, and offers practical, skill-based instruction centered around a visual communications perspective

Website Design

Web design is what creates the overall look and feel when you’re using a website. It’s the process of planning and building the elements of your website, from structure and layout to images, colors, fonts and graphics.

photography and cinematography

Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually via a digital sensor or film, to create an image. With the right camera equipment, you can even photograph wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, including UV, infrared, and radio.


The electronic version of the magazine is a new method of presenting content. In the way that the user sees an internet magazine under the online software. The example of this electronic version of the magazine was made and implemented for Qeshm Airlines

Afra Strategy

  • Aframedia strategy, consisting of the most experienced Google advertising and analysis experts, is responsible for website optimization and analysis and the implementation of your brand’s advertising campaigns.

design and consulting Advertising campaign

Advertising Campaign or Advertising Campaign is the implementation of advertising activities in which the target message of the campaign, audience and detailed planning have been determined in advance so that the intended message is sent to the target community at the best possible time according to the budget and more audiences for better communication with the business and work, encourage

Running an advertising campaign

Today, with the increasing development of technology and virtual space, it is necessary and important for traditional businesses to enter the digital world. To do this, there are prerequisites, such as creating a page on social networks or setting up a website to present the product and also introduce the brand to users. After these tasks, the best option for expanding and developing the business is to use an advertising campaign.


SEO or optimization for search engines is a set of activities that we do in website design and coding, content strategy formulation, content creation and external link building in order to gain a better position in Google search results and attract more visitors to the site.

afra studio | afra Strategy

Fara entekhab is an active company in the Internet field, and Aframedia has done all the technical infrastructure in the web field for this brand.

afra studio

Afra Media had the honor of creating the electronic version of Qeshm Airlines monthly magazines and the electronic system of Qeshm Airlines magazines was successfully implemented.

afra studio | afra Strategy

Listi is a full-fledged project with its own personal brand. In the first step, Aframedia created a user interface and website design with a personal content management system in the Afra studio section for listi. And the next process was the photography of listi products. In the strategy section aframedia does advertising campaigns and SEO for this brand

afra Strategy

Bonak Kala is a start-up in the field of selling food and consumer goods. In the Afra strategy section, the SEO section of bonakkala was improved and achieved significant results in Google search results.

afra studio | afra Strategy

In the Afra Studio section, the store website of the Iranian brand Rice bonakkala was designed and implemented. Also, in the future, Afra strategy will help this brand in advertising and SEO campaigns

afra studio | afra Strategy

Posstore is a provider of sales and repair services for POS devices. In the Afra Studio section , internet sales website and security of this brand’s website was provided. In afra Strategy , we are going to be with this brand in advertising and SEO campaigns